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The purpose of Abilene Sport Fencing is to promote physical fitness and character development among young people by educating and training them to compete in the sport of fencing.  We are a non-profit corporation formed in 2020, and are recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 organization.  We are also a member club of the US Fencing Association.

We train and compete in epee, one of the three fencing weapons (the others are foil and sabre).  While we welcome all fencers aged 10 and older, our focus is on developing athletes between the ages of 10-18.



MB epee bout 1989.jpeg

Fencing for the US Air Force Academy team in my first tournament, winter of 1988-89


I took a college fencing class in the 1980s on a whim, and fell in love with the sport.  Thirty years later, after retiring from the Air Force, I visited a recreational fencing club "just to try some footwork and see how it feels."  That one visit reignited my passion for fencing and put me on a path to becoming a certified fencing coach (moniteur of epee) and opening Abilene Sport Fencing.

Director & Head Coach

Michael Bob Starr


I started fencing competitively again in 2000, but the pace of post-9/11 deployments kept me out of the sport for the next 15 years.  Here I am flying a B-1 combat sortie, over the Indian Ocean, 2001.


Abilene Sport Fencing

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